Ripple Executive Reveals $500,000,000 Strategy to Bring XRP and Crypto Into the Mainstream

The leader of Ripple’s fundraising and development arm, Xpring, is revealing a new look at how the payments startup is trying to trigger mass adoption of the digital asset XRP.

In a new interview with Abra, Ethan Beard says the company is implementing two strategies: one to reel in financial institutions and another to bring XRP to any person or company interested in utilizing digital assets.

“I think one way to think about what we’re building is we have almost a top-down strategy that is working directly with financial institutions, providing them enterprise software that’s already customized for their world, and lets them tap into the power of XRP.

Then we have kind of a bottom’s-up strategy where we’re looking just at starting with XRP and other cryptocurrency and then focusing on developers and letting them integrate XRP and integrate cryptocurrency into their applications. It seems to me that at some point they meet. How and where they meet is kind of unclear… Read More...


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