Ripple Battles Crypto FUD: ‘99.9% of All XRP Trading, We Have Nothing to Do With’

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says the San Francisco startup has dramatically reduced the amount of XRP it’s selling over-the-counter.

In an interview with Anthony Pompliano, Garlinghouse says the company has determined institutions now have plenty of ways to buy XRP and don’t need help from Ripple.

“We have all but stopped the OTC sales. We just tell them to go to the market nowadays. I think Q1 was around $170 million in over-the-counter XRP sales. Q2 was around $250 million. Q3 will be dramatically lower…

We basically have stopped all OTC in large part because there’s enough liquidity out there in the market. You can go to the market and get it. There’s a lot of very successful OTC desks and we refer people to those OTC desks. Or, you can go in and buy it on an exchange. It depends on the size.” Read More...


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