Btrz_JokerBTC_728x90_en.gif and R3 Team up to Digitize the Food Supply Chain

The agritech startup Ripe. io has just taken another step towards improving the transparency of the food and agriculture supply chains sector by partnering with global enterprise blockchain software firm R3.

This partnership will allow Ripe. io to integrate Corda and Microsoft Azure, cloud computing platform, to serve its growing food and agricultural customer base.

In the food industry, many food suppliers and producers have internal mechanisms to verify quality, taste, and food safety, but what they don’t necessarily have is a way to share that information with the rest of their supply chain. For this reason, Ripe. io aims to leverage the features of Corda and Microsoft Azure to increase transparency and scalability of the food supply chain.

By exploiting a platform based on blockchain technology, Ripe. io can guarantee its customers more reliable information on the origin of food. The platform will give anyone access to transparent information on the source, travel, sustainability, and quality of the products.

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