Research Report: Has the ship sailed for Ethereum in enterprise?

As the ‘world computer’ Ethereum can’t afford to miss the massive opportunity in enterprise but it appears the ship may be leaving port without it. Part 1 of 2 assessing a big year for blockchain in enterprise.

Ethereum has been on a long road to scalability and solving the arduous technical issues to becoming the world’s decentralized computer. Amid developer disagreements and fragmented governance Ethereum’s direction and vision for Ethereum 2.0 is struggling to reconcile its many stakeholders, and the price of its native asset ETH has struggled to find much momentum as the public waits for its much anticipated upgrades, Istanbul and Serenity. This new report from BNC Research explores Ethereum’s ‘enterprise’ opportunity, what the challenges are to capitalizing on that opportunity, and profiles some prominent competitors that also have their eye on the institutional use prize.

As the first platform blockchain, Ethereum still has the most network effect and the most promise for real-world enterprise - which is one of its strongest use cases. However, there are now a multitude of competing platforms. Tezos, Tron, NEO and Cardano, for example, seek to improve upon and usurp it, and new distributed ledger technology - Hedera Hashgraph - the self-styled ‘blockchain killer’, has the potential to even obviate Ethereum altogether. Read More at BraveNewCoin...


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