Raven Protocol Completes its IDO on Binance DEX, Raven Price Shoots

As we recently reported, Raven Protocol was preparing to conduct the very first IDO (Initial DEX Offering). Today, the IDO has ended and Raven Protocol (RAVEN) is listed on Binance DEX in pair with Binance Coin (BNB). All participants had to pass a KYC check.

“We will place blocks of sell orders at the opening of trading,” they instructed in their blog post, describing it as keeping it simple.

Once the token was released on the Binance DEX platform, it immediately shot up to such highs as 0.0005, which is x10 from the IDO price. Of course, it got dumped just as fast as it was pumped. However, now it has leveled out and going sideways for the last couple of hours.

The token sale itself ended as the hard cap was reached. Just for a reminder, the hard cap was $500,000 (15,000 BNB) and the total token supply -10,000,000,000 RAVEN. 3% of this amount (300,000,000 RAVEN) was allocated for the IDO.

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