Rare Beeple NFTs Sold for $7, Valued at Six Figures Hours Later

Two limited-edition Beeple pieces released last week have been valued at a premium of up to 50,000x on the secondary market.

$7 NFTs Selling for Six Figures

Beeple organized two surprise drops through MakersPlace, the same marketplace that arranged his historic Christie’s sale, last week. Each piece was released in an edition of seven and priced at $7. Would-be buyers were required to enter a raffle within a few minutes to be eligible to purchase the pieces.

The first raffle, which happened in the early hours on Wednesday, ran for 30 minutes. Another piece was sold on Saturday with a time window of only 21 minutes to enter.

Both pieces form part of Beeple’s now-famous “Everydays” project, in which he’s created a new piece of artwork daily since May 2007.

Despite the short timeframe, there were more than 16,000 entries across the two raffles. The winners then had 24 hours to make the $7 purchase. Read More

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