PwC Luxembourg announces plans to accept Bitcoin payments from clients

Mainstream financial and government institutions have begun embracing blockchain and cryptocurrencies recently. PricewaterhouseCoopers is one such institution, with the auditing giant very open about getting into the space over the past few months. PwC is in the news again after PwC Luxembourg recently announced in a press release that it would start accepting payments made using cryptocurrencies from clients beginning from 1 October, 2019.

The move was welcomed by executives at the firm, with Thomas Campione, Director, Blockchain & Crypto-assets Leader at PwC Luxembourg commenting,

“We could not continue to invest in the field, promote it, build solutions for clients and support their transformation while not also being exposed to it.”

The Luxembourg division claims to believe that the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies will soon be a standard in the economy, and PwC plans to emerge as an early adopter. PwC Luxembourg also claims that this move follows the growing demands of the market, with many of their clients wanting to offer a secure payment alternative that evolves with the economy.

PwC Luxembourg added that the firm has carefully reviewed its internal policies and protocols to meet crypto-industry standards, while closely collaborating with a local, regulated exchange. A statement from John Parkhouse, Territory Senior Partner and CEO of PwC Luxembourg, said

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