Putin And The Kremlin Looking To Invest Heavily In Blockchain And AI

The Russian economist, Vladislav Ginko, is well known for his past bold claims concerning Russia’s interest with Bitcoin. Recently he rushed to twitter exclaiming:

“BREAKING: Putin aims to heavily increase investments into new technologies including AI and blockchain. This topic will be one of the topic scheduled to be discussed in Kremlin during the meeting with Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg tomorrow”.

Well, Vladislav is right about Putin’s intention to set apart more funds for artificial intelligence based research. However, there is not much “breaking” about Vladislav’s post. Putin has, in the past, not been coy about his interest in AI. As an illustration on Sept 1, 2017, on what is known as “Knowledge Day” in Russia, Putin made the bold claim that “whoever leads in AI will rule the world.”

The Russian president has now put his government’s money where his mouth is. At a Russian meeting that is meant to spur on the development of AI in Russia, Putin asserted that the development of advanced AI were some of the tasks the country was gearing to solve in the future.

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