Psyche is a truly Competition to USDT

Modern banking and the way we go about business transactions have changed with the advent of cryptocurrencies a little over a decade ago. The decentralized currencies as we know it is now widely used and accepted the world over.

Then again, as cryptocurrencies penetrated the market, we began to deal with one unresolved problem: scrutinizing the difference between the exchange rates in fiat, digital currencies and technical knowledge. This posed a time-consuming and mentally exhausting process. And for those who were not gifted in these areas, digital currencies seemed like a farfetched investment.

This single problem is now a thing of the past with the introduction of stable coins now making the rounds. Stable coins are another form of digital currency has its value is directly pegged to a fiat currency or any other type of commodity for that matter. The advent of stable coins has revolutionized digital transactions, and its impact will last for years to come.

Why Stable Coins Are Important.

The role stable coins play in the world of digital transactions cannot be downplayed. Volatility is commonplace with cryptocurrencies, such that it has become synonymous with it. In the blink of an eye, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can take a leap from an impressive high to a disappointing low.

Everyone who has ever dealt with cryptocurrencies before now has been faced with happiness, sadness, or even mixed feelings at some point. But with the introduction of stable coins, no one has to worry about the instability of cryptocurrencies anymore.

Stable coins are designed to have a fixed exchange rate on the market. The rate of 1 stable coin is worth and will always be worth USD 1 no matter the fluctuation of prices of cryptocurrencies.

And like most cryptocurrencies, stable coins can be used as a medium of exchange with fiat and cryptocurrencies alike.

Why Psyche is Different.

Psyche, derived from the Psyche 16—one of the priceless asteroids in space—is a stable coin that is set to be a valuable medium of exchange. Psyche Coin is birthed from a pressing need to make transactions faster, better and easy. This coin is an improved version of the many stable coins that came before it, making it easier for people with less technical knowhow to fully grasp and enjoy doing business transactions with it.

What are the unique features of Psyche Coins?

  • Speed of Transactions. With Psyche Coin, the speed of transactions is guaranteed as its platform is designed to handle up to 3,000 transactions per second with the potential of going higher than that. You do not need the entire Blockchain network to approve a transaction before it is processed.

  • Advanced Protection. Within the Psyche app, technical and non-technical users will be able to set up their own private pin and the key to authorize every transaction. You don’t have to worry about being hacked because your account details are encrypted. Only you will be able to reset your account details. And what’s more? You can even add two-factor authentication (2FA) using Google authenticator.

  • Signed Transactions. The risk of sending money in cryptocurrencies to a wrong wallet is high. And that’s what Psyche Coins has come to change. For every transaction, the system generates a six-digit unique code that will be privy to you alone. You’d need to share this code with the intended receiver before the transaction is completed.

  • Free transfers. Another reason why Psyche Coin is a game-changer is the impressive fact that offers free charges for the first five transactions done each day. If the five free transactions are exceeded, you’d only be charged 0.25% on subsequent transactions.

  • Environment Friendly: Psyche has an aim to be the most environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency. Hence, it makes sure the entire network does not need to have involvement in every transaction. The P2P transactions take place directly through MasterNode.

Surely, Psyche is growing with wonderful ideas that are beneficial for users. It is accessible for everyone without any hassle and can make an asset or investment. Psyche is about to create a network to establish the stability in coin so you can enjoy consistent pricing. The extended transaction speed will make sure that your business can grow. It is a powerful model that you can trust. Psyche is highly concerned that the users don’t have to compromise with freedom, comfort, and security while transacting.

Psyche is shaping a future of digital transactions that will easier, safer, better, and hitch-free for all users. That future is Psyche Coins. And we can only make that future a possibility when you’re a part of it.

Join us today; let’s get some Psyche!

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