PSA: New XRP Scam Is Targeting Scorn Ripple Investors

A new XRP scam involving an email distribution posing as Ripple is making its way across the cryptocurrency community. Unlike most scams that are riddled with spelling errors and offers that seem far too good to be true, this latest phony attempt to steal people’s crypto appears to be highly believable.

Ripple Investor’s Rough Ride Over the Last Few Years of Crypto Winter

XRP investors have had it rough. The altcoin asset often referred to as Ripple has been among the worst-performing crypto assets two years running. Not even Ripple’s annual Swell conference was able to cause prices to surge. The asset broke out from downtrend resistance after over two years of a bear market, only to be rejected right back into it on Black Thursday 2020. XRP investors have become increasingly frustrated with both the altcoin, the community itself, and the executives at Ripple who are at the helm of the cross-border payments project. Read More...

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