Provocative Film About Satoshi Nakomoto Was Funded By Cryptocurrency

New film asks: What if the NSA kidnapped and tortured Satoshi Nakamoto, believing him to represent a grave danger to national security? Satoshi Nakamoto, the world’s most wanted terrorist, was kidnapped and tortured by the NSA. At least, that’s the plot of a forthcoming indie film from the U.K. titled “Decrypted.”

Crypto-native film production

In an interview with Cointelegraph the film’s producer, Phil Harris, said: “We shot 70 percent of this film before we were forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis. So we managed to get 70% in the can. So we're editing away. I think as a film producer and a keen crypto fan, I wanted to explore the emerging crypto space within the industry as a whole.” The film isn’t just a story about Satoshi Nakamoto. The film itself was also funded using cryptocurrency. Harris added that the initial release of the film is going to be through crypto native video platforms. He assured that a lot of research went into making sure that the Bitcoin-related elements look authentic. Read More...

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