Project Rundown Interview with Linear.Finance

Hey guys! Happy to connect today and learn more about the Linear.Finance project! Can you tell us more about the founding of the project and what the problem is that you were addressing?

We founded this project near the middle of 2020 as we recognized the scaling and high gas fee issues that were plaguing the synthetic asset protocols on the Ethereum side. This is why we set out to build out Linear Finance, the first cross-chain decentralized synthetic asset protocol to cost-effectively build and manage synthetic assets.

Could you please give us a rundown of the most important things about Linear.Finance?

Yes, at Linear we hang our hat on having fast and cost-effective transactions throughout our protocol from staking LINA to trading our synthetic liquids to claiming rewards which is unique in the synthetic asset space. We also have a beautiful UI/UX for users to easily navigate and the support staff 24/7 to make sure questions are answered quickly. Our investable assets will also rapidly increase not only in terms of number but also creativity and breadth, with indices backed by institutional research. Lastly, all of our assets are cross-chain compatible!! Meaning that you can bridge them between ETH and BSC so users can access both DeFI ecosystems.

So going forth into 2021 and beyond, how will your project make an impact in the crypto space, or on the world?

We always believed that Linear’s goal as a synthetic asset exchange is to democratize access to investment assets so we will always be pushing towards this goal in every aspect of our business. As such, for 2021 and beyond, Linear users and investors can expect product proliferation in terms of what we offer on our exchange, off our exchange (in terms of yield farming initiatives) and more infrastructure access such as building new markets on different blockchain platforms and new international communities….So that more users can access synthetic assets and trade what they normally cannot!! This is our contribution to crypto and decentralized finance. Read More

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