Pro-Blockchain IBM Enthused About Libra Despite Pressure

IBM Looks to Delve Into Crypto Even Further

IBM has long been at the head of technological innovation, continually pushing for the best technology has to offer society for the better part of 100 years. It seems that the firm’s drive for the creation of technological breakthroughs has led it straight to crypto assets and blockchain technologies.

While the blockchain industry remains in its infancy, the technology-focused firm has begun to heavily allocate resources to its growing decentralized technology division.

Its latest effort may be to join Facebook in its aspirations to launch a crypto asset. Speaking to CNBC on Monday, Jason Kelley, IBM’s general manager of blockchain services, said that the firm is open to “work with Facebook” as “blockchain is a team sport”. Kelley argued that Libra is bringing legitimacy to blockchain technologies.

Importantly, this doesn’t mean imply that IBM is looking to become a member of the Libra Association. But, Kelley sure hinted at it. Read More...

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