Presearch Founder Talks About His Tough Mission Convincing Users to Switch From Google

Presearch, with its PRE token, has been in the crypto space since the last bull run of 2017. The token is down significantly from all-time highs, similar to many crypto assets, although Presearch continues to push forward in their development.

The project touts itself as a decentralized search engine which rewards users in PRE tokens, Presearch Founder Colin Pape told CryptoPotato in a recent interview. “We are building an alternative to Google essentially,” he said. Over the last year, Presearch has amassed more than one million users, the founder explained.

Presearch started up between summer and autumn of 2017, Pape mentioned. This means that the project had to weather the bear market of 2018. “We had generated some significant revenue, but it was held mainly in cryptocurrency,” he said. The team “probably should have felt […] really this kind of, you know, a prosperous moment” Pape noted, although, they instead had to react to the declining market.

The team, however, continued to push forward, developing through the market conditions, Pape explained. “It really didn’t phase us, and certainly we continued development and then went after user acquisition,” he said, adding, “We’ve been successful with that, with more than a million users.”

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