Post Tokenizing, Barcelona (BAR) Raises Whopping $1.3 M In Two Hours

The Barcelona ($BAR) Fan Tokens which were available for sale on Chilliz and Socios earlier today were grabbed in two hours helping the club raise a whopping $1.3 million. Specifically, $777k worth of BAR tokens were moved through the Chillz exchanges in the first two minutes as over 4,000 crypto enthusiasts and Barcelona fans from 106 countries raced to buy the ERC-20 utility token.

Barcelona (BAR) Token Details

The flash sale on the platform allowed fans to purchase the 600,000 BAR tokens within a 48-hour window on a first-come, first-serve basis. The amount availed to each fan or enthusiast was capped at 2,000 BAR tokens each sold at €2 and the total supply was set at 40 million BAR tokens. Ownership of these tokens doesn’t confer owning a share of the popular football club. Instead, fans with BAR tokens can participate in polls and other club-specific surveys. There are also opportunities for BAR token holders to win real-life awards like visiting the Nou Camp. Read More...

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