Pornhub Accepting Bitcoin Is Bigger Than You Think

Pornhub’s announcement that it was now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its premium content surprised nobody.

In fact, the only surprise is how long it took the world’s biggest adult entertainment platform to add Bitcoin as a payment option.

The adult industry is well-known for being at the forefront of new technological directions, it was arguably the key reason VHS won the war against Betamax in the 1980s.

And Pornhub expanding its payment options into the cryptosphere isn’t necessarily going to make Bitcoin the peer-to-peer money Satoshi visioned, but the news is much bigger than many believe.

Pornhub Adds Bitcoin as a Payment Option

The world’s biggest pornography platform Pornhub announced on 2 September that it will be accepting Bitcoin as payment for its Pornhub Premium Content.

The move shocked nobody, but as usual the market hasn’t reacted to the announcement. But is the news of little significance?

Pornhub isn’t new to cryptocurrency payments; it has been accepting Verge (XVG) since April 2018. However, the relatively unknown altcoin wasn’t really a viable option for most people, and was probably a paid promotional thing by the Verge team.

Bitcoin is by far the biggest cryptocurrency, and at time of writing, at over $190 billion, Bitcoin is over 56% of the entire cryptocurrency market cap.

And no doubt every Pornhub user and model has heard of Bitcoin.

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