Pomp: Bitcoin At $50k Is Incredibly Undervalued

Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano, Pomp, says even at $50,000 ‘Bitcoin is incredibly undervalued.’

Pomp was speaking on CNBC last night as Bitcoin (BTC) smashed through the psychological barrier. And the popular podcaster said with the unprecedented amount of printing going on every money manager was now scouring the globe looking for a new place to park their money.

‘Bitcoin at 50,000 is incredibly undervalued, given what we’re looking at,’ said Pomp. ‘They have printed an unprecedented amount of money. After this next $1.9 trillion, 40% of all the dollars in circulation will have been created in the last 12 months. Just unpresedented level of quantitative easing.’

‘So that has forced retail investors, financial institutions, and now corporations to scour the globe, looking for: Where do they protect their wealth? Where do they put dollars to ensure they are protected?’ Read More

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