Peter Schiff Says Bitcoin Is Running Out of Buyers to 'Keep Ponzi Going'

Peter Schiff thinks Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme that struggles to find new buyers to inject fresh money into it.

Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff is not getting tired of lambasting Bitcoin. This time around, he calls the biggest cryptocurrency a "Ponzi" that is running of buyers.

Schiff hurls new insults at Bitcoin

The prominent gold bug recently lashed out at Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano who claims that Bitcoin is intended to serve the people, unlike fiat money that only serves governments that create them.

In his new Twitter tirade, Schiff pointed to the fact that Bitcoin is yet to reach mainstream adoption as a currency, which makes Pompliano's "irrelevant and premature."

When Pompliano replied that Bitcoin is now a more popular currency than gold, Schiff reiterated his earlier words that BTC can only be considered a speculative asset, not a real currency. Read More...

Peter Schiff is vocal in his abhorrence for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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