Peter Schiff’s 18-Year-Old Son Beat Gold Bug At Own Game By Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often called digital gold, much to the dismay of gold bugs like Peter Schiff. Unfortunately for boomers like Schiff, millennials like his son Spencer, are increasingly opting for the cryptocurrency instead.

Schiff even recently slammed his son publicly on Twitter, insulting his purchase of BTC, and calling his investing ability into question compared to his own over 30 years experience. Two months later, Spencer Schiff’s investment into crypto is now worth 60% more, while the more experienced investor’s call would have resulted in a 2% loss.

Spencer Schiff Buys The Bitcoin Dip At $10,000 In September, Up 60% Since

Peter Schiff is about as outspoken as it gets about all things finance, but the subject perhaps he likes to touch on the most, is Bitcoin. Read More

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