Peter Schiff challenges Tom Lee’s 50K bitcoin prediction, says it’s impossible

Peter Schiff, an American stockbroker, recently got into a debate on his Twitter when he was debating with Joe Kernen, CNBC host who recently interviewed Bitcoin enthusiast and Schiff’s troll, Anthony Pompliano. Schiff is known for his lack of interest for Bitcoin.

In the recent social media debate, Schiff predicted that gold would reach $5,000 in the future, whereas Bitcoin will never make it to $50,000. Kernen, on the other hand, kept reminding him how the prices still haven’t reached to his prediction.

Tom Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, predicted that the price of Bitcoin would reach around $50,000 soon. Schiff called him out by saying that his gold prediction is much closer to reality than the one he made for Bitcoin. Read More at CoinOunce...

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