Peter Brandt Predicts Another Bold Parabolic Target for Bitcoin [BTC]

Peter Brandt, an experienced chart analyst has more often than not been right about Bitcoin [BTC] until now. He was one of the first analysts to call out a parabloic move above $3000.

Nevertheless, recently he predicted the swing trade in Bitcoin which could see a pullback to $6000 level. However, the fundamentals around Bitcoin with Libra and Bakkt announcemnt changed the proportions enormously. According to him,

“People ask me why I trade Bitcoin. Ask no more! In my 45-year trading career there has never been another market like Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin has experienced four parabolic rises until now, the biggest was recorded during 2017. Before that, Bitcoin rose exponentially in 2014 and 2011. In the past decade, Bitcoin [BTC] has seen tremendous speculation, development and even criticism which has let to the volatility. However, the rise has been still consistent on a yearly basis.

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