Patent troll hits Coinbase with infringement lawsuit

According to the latest reports, for the very first time in the history of crypto space, a crypto exchange Coinbase based in the U.S has been sued for patent infringement.

IP Edge’s affiliate Anuwave filed a suit against the crypto exchange Coinbase for violating the U.S Patent No. 8,295,862: a system that enables communication via the communication channel of SMS.

According to the complaint of Anuwave, the crypto exchange Coinbase enabled its users to use an SMS-enabled mobile device to carry out various actions by using text commands, and this is a violation of patent tech of the firm. Anuwave LLC filed the suit in Delaware’s Federal District Court seeking financial compensation based on the all the infringing sales made by the Coinbase exchange against its alleged patent infringement.

Anuwave is a Non-practicing entity (NPO) which is a relatively nicer way to say “patent troll” according to a firm Unified Patents. Read More at Cryptopolitan...


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