Paid In Bitcoin Makes Russell Okung Highest Paid NFL Star

Carolina Panthers star Russell Okung is the highest paid star in NFL since the Offensive Tackle (OT) being paid half his salary in Bitcoin (BTC).

Okung has been earning half his $13 million salary in Bitcoin since December 2020, after a long fight to be paid in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Has More Than Doubled Since December

And with the Bitcoin price more than doubling since then, it’s become apparent that the NFL star is now earning more than double the dollar salary paid to him.

Of course, the dollars he’s earning is buying less Bitcoin than it was in December, but the Bitcoin he has already earned has made him the highest paid player in that time.

When Bitcoin hit $56k Russel Okung’s salary that had already been paid in Bitcoin was then worth more than his whole salary for the time period, putting him in the top five paid NFL stars. Read More

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