Overstock Committed to Crypto Even After CEO Patrick Byrne’s Exit

Popularo nline retailer Overstock remains committed to cryptocurrency even after the sudden resignation of its long-time CEO and crypto supporter Patrick Byrne.

Crypto Supporter Patrick Byrne Resigns

On Aug. 22, Byrne announced he would be resigning his position as CEO following a series of comments made the week before about his involvement in FBI investigations and a romantic relationship with a Russian spy. Shares for Overstock plummeted more than 35% following Byrne’s bizarre comments, but rallied in the aftermath of his resignation.

Despite making a sudden exit, Byrne had established Overstock as one of the most high-profile companies to support bitcoin and cryptocurrency, a legacy that plans to continue even in his absence.

Newly appointed interim CEO Jonathan Johnson was asked by Yahoo Finance if the company will retain its focus on crypto and blockchain.

He said, 'Absolutely, yes. The fledgling blockchain business is doing well.'


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