Opera Browser's Crypto Wallet to Integrate TRON (TRX)

Getting as many people to experience cryptocurrencies remains one of the key hurdles to overcome. This can only be achieved through collaboration and an open-minded business approach. The Opera Browser developers have decided to integrate support for TRON. This could expose up to 350 million users to this altcoin and its dApp ecosystem.

Opera Browser Likes Cryptocurrency

It’s not the first time the Opera Browser will expose its users to the world of cryptocurrencies. This is the first mainstream browser to incorporate cryptocurrency wallet support for everyone. It initially supported Bitcoin and Ethereum, which remain the two biggest cryptocurrencies based on their market cap. It seemed as if that list would not be expanded upon, yet the developers have something else in mind entirely.

The addition of TRON makes sense, up to a certain extent. It is a popular altcoin with an ecosystem that can rival – or potentially even surpass – that of currencies with a higher market cap. Especially its dApps are of great interest, albeit that technology can also be found within Ethereum. As such, it will be interesting to see how these projects shape up when they can both be accessed through the same browser. A little rivalry has never hurt anyone, especially in this particular industry. Read More...

Tron and Opera to work together on TRX Integration

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