One Year Later, Total Crypto Market Cap Again Hits $300b

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have something to rejoice this Friday. The markets have turned green all around, following a sharp correction two weeks ago – and breaking 2019 highs once again.

The last time that the total crypto capitalization stood at $300bn was almost exactly one year ago, on June 10th, 2018. That period marked the ‘beginning of the end’, according to bearish prognosticators, where it became painfully obvious that crypto would enter a protracted period of hibernation.

Now the situation has reversed, and with BTC fast-approaching $10,000, this day could become a watershed moment for overall market sentiment.

The main drivers today are Bitcoin and Ethereum, up 5.64% and 8.00% on the day respectively. Bitcoin’s dominance in particular has been steadily increasing in the past few days to reach 58%, one of the highest values for the year.

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