OKEx Leaves Cryptic Hint About Upcoming Litecoin Event -Possible Lightning Integration?

OKEx, one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges has just hinted at some interesting news for Litecoin via its Twitter. The company has indicated it is about to “Light up the market” and “Lite up the darkness” in the cryptic message. The only other information provided is the dates ‘May — August 2019’ and a bolt of lightning.

OKEx, originally based out of China has since grown worldwide servicing over 100 different countries with a self-reported average daily trading volume of 1.5Bn across its 400+ spot and futures markets. Litecoin however has already been actively trading across all of these for a while indicating the team have something new planned.

It has been suggested that perhaps OKEx is expanding to have dedicated Litecoin trading pairs against other assets and altcoins. While this would be a great move for the adoption of Litecoin as a base currency and further cement its position it seems unlikely.

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