Number of Americans Owning Crypto Doubled in 2019: Finder

Finder, an Australia-based financial services firm, has surveyed 2,068 Americans to figure out that 36.5 million people in the United States own some form of crypto to date.

Titled “A rising number of Americans own crypto,” the survey was released on Oct. 14, as Finder tweeted.

According to the survey, the average amount out of the totally owned crypto by Americans accounts for $5,447. However, as nearly three-quarters of respondents actually held less than this amount, the median amount — the value separating the higher part — of cryptocurrency owned by U.S. people stands at $360.

More than half of American crypto holders are considered as “crypto polygamists” as 55.4% of Bitcoin (BTC) owners surveyed by Finder claimed that they also own another form of cryptocurrency. Similarly to other surveys, Finder’s survey says that men own crypto at nearly twice the rate of women, with 19% of men surveyed claiming they hold some type of crypto versus just 10% of women. Read More...

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