Nominex, the 1st entertrading crypto-exchange with DeFi yield farming internal token

Nominex was introduced in september 2019 and immediately got attention from traders.

With the progression of exchange development and Nominex brand creation, it was decided to use the best practices from a giant and still rapidly growing game development industry:

● Perfect the product to comply with users needs;

● Always listen, communicate and give feedback;

● Be open about the product and future plans;

● Always deliver on official promises;

● Implement many unique features;

● Be friendly and entertaining when possible.

That’s how a new concept called “Entertrading” was born. The combination “Entertainment” and “Trading” has two meanings. The first one stands for the literal combination and is bound to make the trading process more enjoyable and catchy. The second one means the following - “Enter trading”, as Nominex welcomes new traders, encourages them and what’s most important - educates.

With an already existing product and further development, Nominex aims to prepare the whole cryptocurrency market for mass adoption and evolve trading to be enjoyable and comprehensive for everyone.

NMX distribution via DeFi staking/farming

Nominex issues native NMX tokens through the DeFi staking/farming mechanic. This mechaniс allows the issuance of tokens, which will be traded on the free market at the same time. Also, the mechanic of yield farming is associated with filling the pool of liquidity on a decentralized exchange, which automatically leads to making trading pairs liquid, which means it allows you to buy and sell NMX at the best prices.

Nominex also implemented a unique mechanic for linking DeFi yield farming with a centralized exchange, which Nominex itself is. The more you stake USDT, the higher your profitability from farming, but at the same time the higher your partner package, which allows you to trade more profitably (up to completely free trading without commissions), and earn more bonuses through the affiliate program, including those that allow earn additional bonuses from people farming in your affiliate structure. That is, we have the utility of the staking process itself on Nominex in addition to the utility of the NMX token itself, which allows you to pay reduced trading commissions.

Join now and get 50USDT for free when you make a deposit of $100 or more!

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