New report identifies coins profiting from fake social media engagement

A new report by researchers at The Tie provides insight into which digital assets are being manipulated via bots and fake social media accounts.

In a Twitter thread, crypto analytics provider The Tie details its Hype-to-Activity Ratio. The metric is a measure of the number of tweets about a crypto asset per one million dollars in trading volume (using 30-day averages for both).

“Across the 450 crypto assets we investigated, there were an average of 1.02 tweets per $1M in [trading] volume,” The Tie stated on Twitter.

However, there were a number of outliers on both ends. According to the company’s analysis the most overhyped assets were TokenPay, Electroneum, and Dragonchain, followed by Telcoin and DigiByte.

Don’t believe the hype?

TokenPay, Electroneum, and Dragonchain have each received over 500 times the average number of tweets that for a crypto asset. This suggests that Twitter mentions for these assets is being manipulated and artificially inflated by investors, the project's community, or the project themselves. Read More at BraveNewCoin...


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