New Ransomware Uses a Banking Trojan To Attack Governments and Companies

A study from Group-IB reveals the modus operandi of the newly discovered ProLock’s ransomware attack. A new type of ransomware attack emerged in recent months, raising red flags among the cybersecurity community and authorities such as the FBI in the United States. Cybersecurity firm Group-IB has warned that it comes in the form of a Trojan, according to a report published on May 17. According to Group-IB’s study, the ransomware is known as ProLock and relies on the Qakbot banking trojan to launch the attack and asks the targets for six-figure USD ransoms paid out in BTC to decrypt the files. The roster of victims includes local governments, financial, healthcare and retail organizations. Among them, the attack that Group-IB considers the most notable was against ATM provider Diebold Nixdorf. Read More...

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