Negative Interest Rates: The biggest driver of crypto adoption

We have seen the interest rates go as low as 0%, but things are changing slowly for many global economies. We have seen a trend of negative interest rates in the game, and it has already happened in the European Central Bank(ECB), France, Germany, and Japan.

The central banks introduce these negative interest rates to prime the economy of their nation. The reason to do this is to make investors take some loss on the investments and help them park the keep their funds someplace safe. According to them, they get back the dollars or euros or yen they invest once the currency is circulated and jump-starts the spending and economy.

At times like the Great Recession, the banks only lend to those organizations that already have the money they need. Majority of companies need capital to spend which they are not able to find. This capital helps in jump-starting the economy, so banks find alternate ways to help them. Read More at CoinOunce...

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