NASA’s Historic Apollo Program Computer is Mining Bitcoin

A computer from NASA’s historic Apollo program, which flew onboard the Apollo spacecraft during its trip to the Moon, has been reprogrammed to mine bitcoin. 

From Moon to Mining 

The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was one of several technological breakthroughs for its time that allowed NASA to send a manned mission into space. The AGC provided guidance, navigation and onboard control for the Apollo flights to the moon, and was one of the first computers to use integrated circuits. 

Ken Shirriff, a member of a group of computer historians, published his experience restoring the AGC in a series of posts, including his attempt to have the machine mine bitcoin.

Despite coming from a time when the average computer could fill most of a room, Shirriff says the AGC is under a cubic foot in size and weighs less than 70 pounds. 

According to Shirriff, their model of the Apollo Guidance Computer is the world’s only working AGC. He explained his motivation for writing mining code on the antiquated device, 

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