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The range of products and services you can pay for with digital coins is constantly expanding. Cryptocurrencies, which are considered to be the future of money, can now be used to purchase items that will change our lives in the future. An online retailer in the U.S. called My Digital Discount sells home automation gadgets for bitcoin.

Store Ships Internationally and Accepts BTC and BCH

Mydigitaldiscount .com delivers many smart home accessories that will help you stay connected with your home when you are away. These are inventions that let you lock the door, turn up the heat or turn off the lights remotely and it’s all done through a mobile app installed on your smartphone.

The platform advertises many products under the label “smart.” You can use its website to order door locks, thermostats, door, window, motion sensors and cameras among other things that will allow you to not only control your home’s microclimate but also take care of its security.

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