Move over Craig Wright, there’s a new Satoshi in town

There is another claimant to the Satoshi Nakamoto throne. The newest iteration presents numerology and an acronym for a defunct Pakistani bank as ‘evidence’ in the latest Bitcoin-related publicity stunt.

The latest Faketoshi claims that the word Bitcoin was created as an acronym for the defunct Pakistani bank “Bank of credIT and COmmerce INternational,” and that the name Satoshi Nakamoto was chosen due to its symbolic value in Chaldean numerology.

The “real” Satoshi Nakamoto hires PR company for his big reveal

The number of people claiming to be Satoshi has continued to increase as Bitcoin nears its 11th birthday. After several quiet months, the crypto industry saw another claimant to the Satoshi Nakamoto namesake. This time, it was a carefully-thought-out three-part “reveal” plan executed by a PR and crisis management company.

The big reveal happened on the website, where three lengthy blog posts were scheduled to go live one after another. The first post, titled “I am Satoshi Nakamoto,” starts off as an introduction to the concept of Bitcoin, as well as a long, but empty description of Bitcoin’s history and misuse. Read More at CryptoSlate...

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