Moonriver, Moonbeam's sibling site, is planning a five-phase launch on the Kusama network

Moonbeam is set to introduce Moonriver, its sister platform. Like Moonbeam, Moonriver is a platform, not a brand. The sister platform, Moonriver, is focused on the implementation of the Kusama Network. There are five phases to the network implementation, and each will be accompanied by greater value for customers and new opportunities for users. Moonbeam will serve as the launch pad for Moonriver. For the next year, both platforms will remain active while Moonriver prepares to serve customers directly. There will be about 5 million active Moonbeam customers when the Kusama Network launches. We will use our extensive network of contacts, social media accounts, and relationships with influencers to ensure an active launch of the Kusama Network on Moonbeam.

Moonriver’s launch was enabled by a Moonbeam Foundation crowd loan, which received 205,930111 KSM from 5,977 contributors around the planet. Contributors on the Moonbeam Foundation earned MOVR tokens for their support.

What is Moonriver (MOVR) ?

Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract blockchain built to run as a parachain on Kusama, with full EVM functionality and extra bridges that provide smooth access to all existing Ethereum-based networks.

During the early phase in early Summer 2021, Moonriver's users had limited capabilities. They were at the beginning not yet able to claim awards, stake, move funds, or implement smart contracts. Users will be on the other hand able to use explorers to track block production, completion and of course execute various read-only chain state inspections.

Now with this latest steps planned by the team the parachain will go fully operational letting users, and developers, to have full access over Moonriver's features, including transferring funds, participating in the Moonriver staking system, creating smart contracts, and claiming crowdloan participation benefits.

Is MOVR a good investment?

MOVR is a very young project with a lot of potential. At the time of writing this article, MOVR has only been active for a few days and has already had a great start and a significant increase in market capitalization, which could put this coin in a position to be one of the best performing cryptos in September 2021.