Monthly Bitcoin Lows Demonstrate How Strong The Next Bull Market Will Be

From the moment 2019 began, Bitcoin has been on a steady rise upward. And while it began as a slow trickle, the crypto asset soon after starting moving like a rocket.

Eventually, that rocket ship took a pit stop to refuel and has been consolidating in a tight trading range. However, Bitcoin price has failed to set any new lows. It’s those lows that help demonstrate just how powerful the current bull run is, and how it will easily eclipse what was seen in 2017 at the height of the crypto hype bubble.

Bitcoin’s Next Bull Run Will Make 2017 Mania Look Weak By Comparison

Last week, Bitcoin price closed out the week well below $10,000, yet the current price of the crypto asset is now well above it at roughly $10,600. Bears were unable yet again to push Bitcoin price to new monthly lows. Read More at NewsBTC...

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