Monopoly-Style EOS Blockchain Property Trading Game Raises $2 Million

FinLab EOS VC Fund and several angel investors have invested a combined $2 million in Uplandme, maker of a digital property-trading game running on top of the EOS blockchain.

The funds will be used to support the development and launch of Upland, which is currently available in beta, and will become widely available later this year. 

Billed as “‘Monopoly’ meets blockchain,” as in the classic Parker Brothers board game, the game enables players to buy, sell, and trade imaginary properties based on real-world addresses. The twist is that instead of paper cards, it uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or digital collectibles similar to CryptoKitties, to confer ownership of an asset.

Unlike most digital games, however, properties that are recorded on the blockchain throughout the gameplay will be truly owned by the players, not the gaming company, Uplandme says. And just like in real life, land in this virtual realm has a fixed supply. 

“We expect that the game momentum will be driven by the simple fact that there is a natural scarcity of available properties because they are based on real-world addresses,” said Uplandme co-founder Dirk Lueth.

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