‘Members’ of OpenLibra Disavow Project Days After Its Devcon Unveiling

The creator of an “open” alternative to Facebook’s Libra stablecoin initially misrepresented which organizations are involved in the project, CoinDesk has learned.

Four individuals and organizations have disavowed the OpenLibra project, which was unveiled Oct. 9 at Devcon. Others say the extent of their involvement was overblown.

“I showed up to one community call for OpenLibra. I didn’t really do anything after that,” said Sunny Aggarwal, a core developer at blockchain startup Tendermint Inc.

He added: “I wasn’t asked before my name was used on the slides.”

Outside of Aggarwal, representatives from Chainlink, Web3 Foundation and Hashed have told CoinDesk their names were used without their permission on the OpenLibra slide deck presented at Devcon. The OpenLibra project aims to ensure that access to the Libra stablecoin and its technology remains free from corporate control.

In the case of Web3 Foundation and Hashed, the companies say their names were mistakenly associated with those of employees who no longer work there. Read More...


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