Mark Yusko: We’re in the Next Parabolic Move that will Drive Bitcoin into the $30k Price Level

Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency by market cap has once again surged to the $12,000 level and expectations are high that a new all-time high may be hit in the current market cycle. Mark Yusko, Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO is a firm believer after stating that we are in the next parabolic move which will possibly spike Bitcoin to the $30,000 level.

Bitcoin Has Been the Best Performing Asset Since October 2018

Per the report, Mark Yusko while in an interview on CNBC's Fast Money remarked that Bitcoin is the best performing asset and it has been so since October 2018. According to the CEO, we are in the next parabolic move which will probably spike Bitcoin into the $30,000 level before there is a little correction in the market.

Yusko further opined that Bitcoin has gained in value by over 70 percent since October 2018. On the contrary, the stock market has remained flat within the same time frame. The CEO also believes its doom-and-gloom for the stock market, stocks are overvalued, and an upcoming reduction in interest rate will signify a weak economy. Read More at ZYCrypto...

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