Mark Yusko: Bitcoin is a cure to deflationary death spiral in the current market scenario

According to many experts, the US economy could suffer another crack with the market indicators suggesting a potential recession at bay. Despite Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell asserting that US economy was in “a good place”, developments suggest the contrary. The most prominent ones being incessant trade and currency war with China, President Donald Trump, and the Feds at loggerheads with the former crying for the central bank to lower interest rates to zero or lesser.

Mark Yusko, Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management in the latest edition of ‘Keiser Report: Make Recessions Great Again’, stated

“one of the things that should occur in an environment where the dollar weakens, right, that the dollar should weaken if they’re creating more of them that should actually be good for real assets, but we are seeing the exact opposite.” Read More...


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