Maltese Bitcoin Miner Wins Lawsuit Against Mining Equipment Seller

In a first of its kind occurrence, a local bitcoin miner has triumphed over a Maltese mining equipment seller at the nation’s Consumer Claims Tribunal after filing complaints regarding the inefficiencies of an ASIC miner he purchased.

Per the report, the Consumer Claims Tribunal has ordered Dario Azzopardi to refund the disgruntled miner the sum of $2,239 (€2,000) out of the $ (€2,600) he paid for the bitcoin mining machine.

Reportedly, the miner who probably may be a newcomer in the world of cryptocurrencies claimed that the purchased mining machine was just too noisy and power-inefficient. As such he ended up incurring more cost in the mining operation than profits.

Interestingly, Azzopardi failed to contest the consumer’s claims in court, leaving the authorities with no other choice than to rule in favor of the claimant.

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