MakerDAO reveals promising figures after launch of Multi-Collateral DAI

Yesterday, MakerDAO rolled out Multi-Collateral DAI [MCD] on its platform. While the platform continues its support for Ethereum-based collateral, support for Brave’s Basic Attention Token [BAT] was also added to the platform. Therefore, MCD would be supporting ETH as well as BAT tokens, for the time being. The platform is also eyeing Augur [REP], Golem [GNT], 0x [ZRX], DigixDAO [DGD], and OmiseGo [OMG] as potential assets on the platform.

The latest addition to the Maker platform requires users to migrate from Single Collateral Dai [SAI] to Multi-Collateral Dai. MakerDAO’s Mariano Conti went on to update the community about DAI’s progress and tweeted,

“Just over 12 hours in, some numbers for @MakerDAO Dai: – 2.4 million Dai – 88% ETH, 11% BAT, 1% Sai – 689 Vaults opened – 470k Dai in DSR – 534 Dai generated in Stability Fees – 6 liquidations already!”

At the time of writing, however, the figures had gone way beyond the same. According to DAI Stats, there were a total of 6,403,697.126 DAI in total. Further, about 6,118,083.014 DAI were acquired from ETH, followed by 269,552.625 DAI from BAT. 335.306 DAI were also obtained from SAI. Read More...


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