Maker’s Stability Drops 8 Percent to 5.5 APR as DeFi Sentiment Picks Up

MakerDAO is governed using native MKR tokens, so it goes without saying that there is a correlation between MKR and DAI. But having been built on Ethereum, DAI shares a lot of fundamental relationships with ETH. In order to open a collateralized debt position (CDP) and mint DAI, one has to lock up 150 percent of the DAI loan amount worth of ETH.

MKR holders are rewarded as more CDPs are opened by way of stability fees. When arbitrage opportunities on DAI appear in the open market (exchanges), the stability fee is used as a means of keeping the peg stable. If DAI is falling below $1, fees are increased to stop people from mass minting DAI and incentivizes them to buy it on the open market. If the peg goes above $1, the stability fee is reduced so people can mint cheap DAI and bring the price closer to the $1 target.

Opening a CDP is profitable during ETH bull markets, and as the price has risen the last few days, DeFi has staged a comeback, reaching an all-time high for ETH locked in financial dApps. Read More...


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