Lucky Day: Discovered $50,000 In a Bitcoin Donations Wallet From 2012, Now Looking To Donate It

Like gold bullion that drowned in the sea, Bitcoin wallets too can disappear into the depths of the digital sea. Of the 21 million total Bitcoins, nearly 18 million have already been mined. However, not all of them are accessible, and according to certain estimations, several million are already lost forever.

Interestingly, there have been incidents when lost Bitcoin has been found by its owner. Ron Gross recently described such a case. Gross is a well-known figure from the Bitcoin community who was also the founder of Mastercoin, one of the first Altcoins.

“In those days of 2012, the discussions around Bitcoin were not as widespread as they are today and were mainly conducted on the BitcoinTalk forums.  At one point someone just offered a Bitcoin grant to be paid for someone who would implement a project to improve the currency’s scalability, ” Gross told CryptoPotato.

Gross liked the idea and quickly opened a wallet for Bitcoin donations for implementing a project with the promising name of Blockchain Pruning.

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