Long Term Bitcoin Indicator To Flip Bearish Ahead Of Next Manic Phase

A long-term trend following indicator is about to flip bearish on Bitcoin for only the fourth time in the asset’s short, eleven-year history. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more downside is coming for the first-ever cryptocurrency before the next bull market and manic, FOMO-buying phase begins.

Long-Term Gaussian Channel About to Flip Bearish, But Indicator Can Lag Behind Price Action

As a trader, most technical analysis done takes specific interest in shorter timeframes, such as the daily, hourly, or even 5-minute price charts. The fundamental value of the underlying asset also matters far less. But for investors, technical analysis focused on longer-term timeframes combined with fundamental analysis is the best strategy for ongoing success. Some indicators are better suited for long term analysis, while others work best for short-term trading positions. However, many of these indicators that perform best on longer timeframes, act as lagging indicators and often show signals after the price action has taken place. Read More...

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