Litecoin Price Surges Seven Percent While Number of Daily Transactions Reaches Highest Level in 2019

The price of Litecoin (LTC), the fifth coin by market capitalization, has surged by about seven percent over the last 24 hours, CoinStats data shows. At the time of writing, the O.G. altcoin is changing hands at $61.33, its highest level since Oct. 27.

Remarkably enough, this sizeable price spike came after the coin recorded its highest level of daily transactions in 2019. According to data provided by BitcoinInfoCharts, Litecoin recorded 67.142 transactions on Nov. 2 without any apparent reason.

However, LTC is far from reaching its yearly high price-wise. On June 23, the coin surpassed the $140 level, but its price went downhill due to a double-whammy of falling Bitcoin prices and the reward halving that took place at the beginning of August. Read More...

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