Lightning Labs Launches Lighting Mobile App for Bitcoin Micropayments on the Go

Lightning Labs has taken one step closer to bringing Lightning Network payments to mobile with the launch of the Lightning App for iOS and Android in alpha on the Bitcoin main net. It follows the recent launch of the Lightning App on desktop, bringing the total number of operating systems supported by the program to five.

Lightning Network is a second layer scaling solution aimed at reducing the number of transactions burdening the Bitcoin blockchain. It seeks to provide almost instant, free transactions and once fully tested, the launch of the mobile-facing application will allow more users than ever to get to grips with the technology.

Lightning App Brings Bitcoin Micropayments to iOS and Android

The Bitcoin scaling solution known as Lightning Network is having a great 2019 thus far. Already, the micropayments network has received considerable exposure from the cryptocurrency community and beyond thanks the publicity-gathering stunt, the Lightning Torch; had Twitter’s founder and CEO singing its praises; and has had its first desktop application recently deployed for it.

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