Libra Launches Bug Bounty Program, Rewards up to $10,000 for Critical Software Issues

The Libra Association has launched a bug bounty program for their testnet, with the goal of attracting more developers to audit their code base and reveal critical issues that could cripple the network, August 27, 2019. Rewards will go up to $10,000 depending on the severity of the bug, and Libra will reveal the most prominent bug reports on their website to give other coders a glimpse into what kind of bugs they should be looking for.

Unexpected Move

Given the size of Facebook and the number of large brand names backing Libra, it’s astonishing that they are opening a public bug bounty program.

It could be an attempt to cut fixed employee costs for the testers they would have had to hire, but it is still a positive move as it allows developers access to Libra’s code base.

The bug bounty program will be run on HackerOne, and the team has promised to publish detailed technical documentation to make it easier to understand the mechanics of the network.

Everyone around the globe is welcome to participate in the bounty as Facebook claims this is their first step in creating a vibrant and honest community. As per the announcement, it seems like Facebook has already consulted with well-known developers to find flaws in their code base, and this public bug bounty is meant to help build a community while also making minor refinements when spotted. Read More at BTCManager....

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