Libra and Silicon Valley v Banks Take Two or Cooption of the Decentralized Movement?

There’s a peaceful tech revolution happening, with proxy battles on many fronts, and moving parts across the world, as a leap in finance itself stands to bring a new dawn.

Much of it moving somewhat slowly, in part because some battles were lost in regards to scaling, but in what may be quite a defining time for the crypto space, the giants of Silicon Valley have seen something.

What they have seen in many ways is quite simple. Cryptos are a bit raw right now. You have all these keys that you have to keep safe, all these random numbers and letters you have to copy paste, with it all sort of like having to put yourself a + and – cable together to get a bulb on instead of just flicking a switch.

Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, basically said last year they could just take all this and make it very easy to use. He was speaking a bit in code, but his point is clear:

“There were definitely web mail services at the time, but we kind of took it seriously [with Gmail] in the sense that no you can have an enterprise grade, top level, with gigabytes of storage which at the time sounded like a lot. You know, you can offer every person on earth, so that was kind of a leap.” Read More...

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